Why put your employees in front of anything else?

Everyone deserves to return home safe.

Mayfield Industries is committed to designing and manufacturing products that provide a safe operating environment for our clients, who we recognise are reliant on critical electrical infrastructure to deliver their promises.

Transportable Switchrooms

Designed and Engineered for the sole purpose of creating a protective environment for the sensitive switchgear throughout the life cycle.  The structural design is key to ensuring rigidity, but offers flexibility to optimise a custom solution for our Clients.

Safety in Design is a critical component in the development of every transportable switchroom.

  • Single and Multi-Module builds
  • Cyclone, Blast and Ballistic solutions
  • Fire rated construction – backed by a Fire Engineering report
  • Fire System protection – Detection and Suppression
  • HVAC – Split, Packaged, Ducted, Chiller
  • Support frames, platforms and stairs
  • Complete switchgear and electrical fitout
  • Tested and pre-commissioned to the maximum extent
  • Built to comply to NCC Class 8 or 10

Moducell Demountable Switchboards

Moducell is a modular, demountable type tested switchboard solution that provides high flexibility in tier and module layout and future changes as needs evolve. Moducell has been designed and verified to provide an increased level of security for your employees.

  • Type tested to AS/NZS 61439
  • IP42, IP54 and outdoor IP66 standard versions
  • Top and Bottom entry, Front or Back connect
  • Single and Double sided
  • Operational voltage ≤1000VAC
  • Rated current ≤5000A
  • Fault level withstand ≤100kA
  • Internal arc fault protection ≤ 80kA, 690VAC
  • Zincanneal and Stainless Steel options
  • OEM freedom of choice


Our significant investment into verification testing has taken our rating to 100kA for 1 second on the horizontal and vertical bus systems. 

Fully Withdrawable Switchboards

Okken is a modular, fully withdrawable and type tested switchboard solution that maximises operational uptime.  Individual modules can be fully withdrawn without the need to isolate the entire switchboard.  The drawer design minimises space delivering the highest density of modules per tier.

Okken is licensed from and 100% supported by the worldwide network of Schneider Electric.

  • Fully Type tested to IEC 60439, 61439 and AS/NZS 61439
  • IP31, IP41 and IP54 versions
  • Top and Bottom entry, Front or Back connect
  • Single and Double sided
  • Operational voltage ≤690VAC
  • Rated current ≤6300A, horizontal bus ≤7300A
  • Fault level withstand ≤150kA
  • Internal arc fault protection ≤ 100kA for 0.3s

Custom Switchboards

All custom switchboards are manufactured in-house and designed to suit critical requirements of our Clients, typically where space, environment or budget are key drivers. Our custom solutions are supported by numerous Ingress Protection, Temperature Rise and Arc Fault tests.

  • Zincanneal, Gal Steel, Stainless Steel construction
  • Ingress protection ≤IP66
  • Fixed and Demountable module solutions
  • In-house powdercoating to Internal and External specs
  • Solutions for 500C ambient
  • Load Break Isolators up to 800A

PLC/Marshalling Panels

Mayfield can offer custom or proprietary enclosures or incorporate PLC/Marshalling into any of our switchboard solutions.

  • Ingress protection ≤IP66
  • Custom Control Panels
  • PLC Panels
  • Enclosed Isolator Panels
  • Marshalling Cubicles
  • Local Control Stations
  • Junction Boxes

Kiosk Substations

Our proven designs, materials and specifications prevent wind driven water ingress, minimise dust entry and ensure sufficient airflow for extreme ambient temperatures – all combining to deliver optimal protection for critical electrical equipment. Whether using our kiosk substations for short term emergency response or a long term fix to existing plant, customers can be certain their critical upstream and downstream electrical equipment will be protected. We provide turnkey solutions incorporating LV and MV switchboards, with all equipment installed in our manufacturing facilities and extensively tested before deployment to site, reducing on-site disruption and costs.
  • Ingress protection ≤IP66
  • Natural and Mechanical ventilation solutions
  • MV switchgear (RMU and Transformer)
  • LV switchboards
  • Cabling between MV/TX/LV
  • Pre-commissioning and testing completed before factory dispatch.
Additional options include:
  • Interconnecting cabling
  • Internal/external power and lighting
  • Transportation of kiosk to site
  • Site installation and commissioning

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