Load Flows and Fault Calculations

  • Voltage profile analysis by determining the voltage magnitudes and phase angles at different buses in the system. 
  • Power flow analysis through calculating active and reactive power flows in transmission lines and generators. 
  • Reactive power control and assessing the need for and optimal locations of reactive power compensation devices such as capacitors and reactors. 

Arc Flash Study

  • Arc flash hazard analysis and study involves evaluating the available fault current levels, protective device characteristics, and system configurations to determine the incident energy levels and arc flash boundaries at different points within the electrical system.  
  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Determination. 
  • Mitigation Recommendations. 

Earth Grid Design

  • Provide an earth grid study for any new and existing power generation and substation sites. 
  • Utilising the latest earth grid software to calculate the EPR for any potential phase to earth faults on site. 
  • Minimise the effect of the touch and step voltage by installing the required earth copper onsite. 
  • Conducting an earth grid test to confirm the earthing continuity and the earth resistor. 

Protection Coordination and Grading Studies

  • Protective Device Coordination study which involves analysing the protective device settings and characteristics to ensure that they operate in a coordinated and sequential manner during fault events. This ensures that the fault is cleared promptly at the appropriate location, minimising the impact on the overall system. 
  • Selectivity Analysis by evaluates the selectivity of protective devices by analysing their time-current characteristics and coordination curves. This helps identify any overlapping or inadequate coordination zones, where multiple protective devices could operate simultaneously or where a fault may not be effectively isolated. 
  • Relay Coordination study that examines the relay settings, operating characteristics, and communication protocols to ensure proper coordination with other protective devices. This includes coordination between primary relays, backup relays, and relay systems within the network. 

Secondary System, Control and Protection Designs

  • Preliminary and concept design including single line diagrams, communications network architectures, control building layouts, selection of protection and control relays, and protection and control philosophy documentation.  
  • Detailed design drawings and documentation including protection and control panel layouts, schematics, wiring diagrams, cable and termination schedules, and interfacing with new and existing plant and equipment. 
  • As-built drawing updates incorporating all onsite amendments. 


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