When Control and Protection is Critical

Australian manufacturers of:

  • The Walker Control Secondary Protection and Control panels for medium and high voltage systems
  • Communication panels
  • Dedicated PLC and Process Control panels

With the stability and reliability of MV and HV infrastructure vital to the economy, secondary protection systems detect abnormal conditions and then isolate those parts of the electrical network to:

  • Prevent system instability;
  • Prevent equipment damage to plant exposed to the fault;
  • Minimise the extent of damage at the fault site and collateral damage to adjacent facilities
  • Minimise the safety risk; and
  • Minimise the extent of any power outage.

Our control systems are built to meet your requirements for

  • Sensitivity – detect faults before they result in significant damage to assets
  • Speed – disconnect the fault in the minimum practical time
  • Stability – Not operate for faults, or other transient or abnormal conditions for which the protection is not intended to operate for.
  • Selectivity – operate in a selective manner to minimise disruption
  • Dependability – reliable and predictable in operation


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