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We are pleased to note a very buoyant electrical services market in 2021. The final quarter of last year was a hectic one for Mayfield Industries with many projects ‘hitting the go button’ at the same time. Now, with high mining activity in WA and large infrastructure projects on the east coast and renewable energy projects Australia-wide moving into execution phase, this signals another strong year for us, our suppliers and our customers.

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The connected switchroom

Industries across the globe are using the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) to radically transform day-to-day operations and realise greater productivity, profitability and safer working environments. While the best known use of IIoT is in the automation of factory processes, this connectivity also extends to Mayfield switchrooms.

In our switchroom, the essential 24/7 real time data that is generated can be applied to increase reliability, efficiency and enhance safety. Using IoT sensors and scalable connectivity, connected switchrooms can provide data to monitor equipment health, predict and/or detect issues earlier, and take preventive action faster.

Examples include:

  • Thermal monitoring to highlight hotspots and take preventive action
  • Environmental monitoring to highlight condensation enabling users to prevent fast ageing
  • Arc fault detection to detect and clear arcs faster, reducing impacts such as downtime and equipment damage
  • Circuit breaker monitoring for preventive maintenance
  • Redistributing circuit loads and resetting breakers remotely
  • Self-powered voltage presence indicating system
  • Low power voltage transformer
  • Transformer winding monitoring for faults, damage or overload.

Customers of Mayfield are already using IIoT connected switchrooms in industries such as mining and oil & gas.

Their experiences are proof that it is not just the way of the future, but providing an immediate ROI.

If you would like to learn more about our connected switchrooms, please contact Mark Nesbitt, National Business Manager on 0448 409 467.

Mining intelligence: Koodaideri Data Centre

When operational, the Koodaideri iron ore mine in WA’s Pilbara will be one of the most technologically advanced in the world. From remote-controlled drill and blast operations to trucks, trains and machines ‘talking’ to each other, these innovations will make mining smarter, safer and more efficient. And at its core, the ‘brains’ of the operation, a data centre comprising two communications rooms designed and manufactured by Mayfield.


Design, manufacture, factory acceptance testing, packaging, transport and documentation of two communications rooms. Including 30 off 48RU racks; a fire system; 2 UPSs, bypass switches and UPS DBs; CRAC system and pressurisation; 2-hour fire rating of structural elements; and L&SP DB.


With previous experience in Tier 1 data centres and communications rooms, Mayfield confidently took the customer’s concept design and responded to the tender with a single, smart option – Mayfield’s own optimised design.

As requested, the solution included multiple redundancies with UPS and batteries for backup. However, it also included a unique hot aisle containment system with CRAC (computer room air conditioning) cooling units for critical communications racks, plus pressurisation to control air flow – making the cooling system more energy efficient and stable and ensuring a comfortable temperature for those working in the rooms. A raised floor incorporated subfloor power and data trays, and Mayfield delivered twice the redundancy on the UPS to safeguard uptime.

In response to the client’s exacting safety standards, the communications rooms were fabricated to a two-hour fire rating with a fire system incorporating VESDA and FM-200® gaseous fire suppression.


The two communications rooms are more than a match for their harsh environment and will enable this mine of the future to work uninterrupted 24/7.

“Our ability to accelerate the manufacturing and delivery was a clear standout. Having in house fabrication capability meant Mayfield could take on additional scope that the client otherwise would have had to wait months for from another supplier.”


Power product in focus

Your second line of defence should be infallible

Secondary Protection Systems

Walker Control’s reputation is built on the quality of our secondary protection and electrical systems, which provide unwavering peace of mind for utility companies and industrial users Australia-wide.

Our secondary protection, monitoring and control panels for MV and HV assets are typified by high complexity, specialised relays and exacting standards.

Customisations include:

  • protection flagging & monitoring via SCADA
  • interlock schemes
  • redundancy requirements
  • maintainability
  • naming conventions
  • OEM or our custom enclosures.

Learn more at Walker Control

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